Penn Pharma invests in state-of-art high containment Gerteis roller compactor

15th Jan 2015

All Gerteis Pactors utilise a unique (patented) feed and force control system for controlling the compaction of products, large diameter rolls to maximise dwell time in the nip area, and a superior punch and die designed compaction roll system.  The Mini-Pactor line is capable of producing from 10 grams of product up to 100kg/hr continuous production.

The Gerteis Mini-Pactor will complement other market leading processing equipment in Penn’s purpose built contained manufacturing facility, which already includes a GEA Aeromatic-Fielder integrated granulation and fluid bed dryer, GEA Buck Systems contained materials handling, GEA Courtoy Modul tablet press and O'Hara Labcoat tablet coaters. 

S3 Process played a key role in designing the materials handling system that will interface with the Gerteis Mini-Pactor.  As a continuous granulation process, the Mini-Pactor needs to interface with a range of different IBC sizes with different sized Buck Valves.  S3 Process came up with an intelligent solution to allow three different scales of IBCs to be integrated with the Mini-Pactor, allowing processing from 1kg up to 300kg.

“We are really pleased to continue to work with Penn, sourcing the very best manufacturing equipment for their contained manufacturing facility,” said S3 Process Director Stephen Boswell. “We are delighted they have chosen the Gerteis Mini-Pactor, which is the most advanced roller compactor available. It gives all of the containment design features that Penn's facility demands and will further strengthen their ability to develop and manufacture highly potent compounds.”

Penn Pharma a PCI company Vice President of International Operations, Mark Dean-Netscher, said: “With a growing trend within the industry for continuous granulation methods, we are responding by investing in our dry granulation capabilities. The same Mini-Pactor can be used from 1kg development scale up to 100kg per hour at production scale, without any additional scale up work.  This will significantly reduce our clients’ costs and allow products to be developed and delivered to the market far quicker."