Tisza Textil



The Minibag series offers a safe and economical logistic solution for the transport of powders, granules, tablets and capsule and is available in sizes up to 430kg and/or 600 litres. The Minibag is also widely used as a bulk container for the transfer of products from the production site to the various packaging facilities. The Minibag transport package reduces not only transport costs for the shipping plant but achieves cost savings for the receiving factory, as Minibag can be easily utilized on the blistering line and waste amount is reduced. The series comes in a range of sizes which include the Minibag 250, 300, 400, 400 Rectangular and Conductive TYPE C.

As a pollution-free, flexible, intermediate bulk container, Minibag can be used in the whole process of solid drug production. TiszaTextil follows a strict quality approach in all areas, governed by ISO standards 9001, 14001 and 15378. As a result, the Minibag transport solution is fully pharma-approved.