Providing Leading Process Equipment

Partnering with the leading technology manufacturers, S3 Process helps identify and deliver the most suitable equipment for each of your process applications. Hand-selecting the highest quality process equipment from all over the world, we provide leading solutions for weighing & dispensing, mixing & blending, granulation, drying, compression and coating. Completing our end-to-end range of process equipment, we also partner with leading manufacturers of contained materials handling equipment and valves.

Sharing Process Knowledge & Expertise

Helping clients to improve process manufacturing is our fundamental purpose. With our consultative approach, we share the benefit of our experience; ensuring clients are well informed during design, build and testing of new process equipment. We also provide support and training during and after the installation and validation phases, to help ensure clients maintain production performance and benefit from the latest manufacturing techniques.

Delivering Innovative Process Solutions

Working with many of the leading pharmaceutical manufacturers, including GSK, AstraZeneca, Pfizer and Actavis, S3 Process has helped deliver some of the most technically advanced process equipment in the UK and Ireland.  Recent installations have included some of the UK's first continuous granulation, tableting and coating lines, as well as much of the equipment in one of Europe's most advanced contained manufacturing and development facilities.

Talk with us today to see how the combination of our expertise and the world’s leading process technologies can help drive efficiencies and improve your process.