DelumpWitt Delumping Mill


DelumpWitt Delumping Mill System

The DelumpWitt 2-in-1 Delumping and Cone Mill Solution

The DelumpWitt effortlessly reduces large lumps and blocks of product to finely milled powder in one process step.  The fast delumping and milling process allows dramatic increases in efficiency when dispensing hygroscopic materials that have transformed into large blocks within the packaging during transportation.  The Delumping & Sizing Process

The Delumping & Sizing Process

Large blocks are easily fed into the inlet funnel where the lump breaker rotor easily disintegrates the lumps into managable pieces which are then further milled using the integrated cone mill.

In one flowing step, the patented design turns blocks as large as 60cm x 30cm x 20cm to 0.5mm.

Advantages of the DelumpWitt Delumping and Milling System

  • Modular, compact design
  • Highly polished to allow material flow without friction.
  • Both the rotor and sieve are easy to change
  • Lightweigh detachable mill head, with 'Error Proof' system to ensure correct assembly. The lip seal can changed in only 15 minutes
  • Mobile base on request
  • WIP / CIP options.  The Milling Head is Autoclavable
  • Approved for ATEX Zone 0/20 inside 1/21 outside