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Modular Containment (MC) Split Butterfly Valves


The next generation of Split Butterfly Valve

When GEA Buck® launched the original Buck® HC (High Containment) split butterfly valve  n the early 1990s, the split butterfly valve revolutionised the way in which pharmaceutical manufacturers handled their raw materials and intermediate products. Prior to the introduction of the Buck® split butterfly valve, open transfers of dusty materials into and out of processing equipment was common place, with operators requiring special ventilation and protective equipment, real risks of cross contamination and lengthy cleaning regimes of rooms and equipment external surfaces. The Buck® split butterfly valve allowed product to be contained at source, with a contained docking interface between the process equipment and container, protecting operators and eliminating cross contamination of product.

15 years after the original Buck® HC Valve was introduced onto the market, GEA Buck® launched the next generation of split butterfly valves with the ground breaking Buck® MC split butterfly valve . The Buck® MC Valve (Modular Containment) split butterfly valve builds upon the proven design principles of the first generation of split butterfly valves, and offers a number of key additional features and benefits.

Features of the Modular Containment Split Butterfly Valve

  • Unique Passive-to-Passive valve design with a centralised actuation collar. The Passive Valves are freely orientating reducing operator docking error.
  • Modular Containment: 1-10 µg/m³ containment level as standard, the system can easily be upgraded with the advanced air cleaning actuator to further improve containment levels to <1 µg/m³, allowing reduced investment today with flexibility for more potent products tomorrow.
  • Simple operation - the need for vacuum clamping between the valve halves has been eliminated
  • Simple Maintenance - the need for lubrication of the disc parts has been eliminated, and fewer component parts and more identical parts due to the Passive to Passive design, reducing spare part inventory.
  • Clean In Place (CIP) or Clean Out of Place (COP) as standard
  • Contained Quick Change-over of the contaminated valve core with working parts remaining on the station, allowing for extremely fast product change-over - fully complimenting the GEA Courtoy ModulTM ‘ECM' containment concept!
  • Robust docking - the new central actuator design overcomes potential misalignment from fabrication tolerances of the container and docking station

Available in sizes from 100mm up to 250mm, with various different seal materials and with optional hastelloy disc materials.