FreDrive TurboWitt Rotary Sifter


FreDrive TurboWitt Rotary Sifter for sieving, security screening and size reduction

The TurboWitt Rotary Sifter is an innovative new sieving system that allows high-throughput size reduction and screening of raw materials.  High through-put sieving is made possible by the high-speed rotary basket screen which creates centrifugal forces to act on the product to gently force the product through the basket holes, whilst preventing foreign material like packaging from entering the process.  The high throughput sieving capacity of the TurboWitt Rotary Sifter will bring huge efficiency gains to any raw material dispensing process.   

With simple tri-clamp connections, the light weight sieving head can be removed from the driveshaft quickly & easily.  This allows quick cleaning and easy maintenance, providing greater operational availability to reduce operating costs.

The TurboWitt Rotary Sifter can be a stand-alone installation or can be easily integrated into production facilities.

Flexibility Built In: Sieving or Mill

The drive motor and control system of the ConiWitt Conical Mill can be used for the TurboWitt Rotary Sifter.  The heads on the ConiWitt Cone Mill, TurbotWitt Sieve and HammerWitt Hammer Mill are fully inter-changeable, providing the ultimate flexibility for a large range of size reduction and sieving tasks, at a reduced capital investment.

The ConiWitt Cone Mill and TurboWitt Sieve set new standards in terms of modularity, user friendliness and simple maintenance.

Advantages of the TurboWittt Rotary Sieve

  • High flow rate
  • Gentle de-agglomeration with a fewer fines produced
  • Minimal moving parts.
  • Foreign materials (i.e. packaging) remains in the basket
  • Easily convert your TurboWitt Sieve into a ConiWitt Mill

Operating Principle of the TurboWitt Rotary Sifter Sieve

The TurboWitt GMP Rotary Sifter consists of the Milling Head, the Stator Arms and the Sieve Basket.  The Sieve Basket is roatated at high speed creating centrifugal forces to push the product gently through the sieve openings.  The fixed Stator Arms help push the product through the openings of the Sieve Basket.

In contrast to the ConiWitt Conical Mill with rotary milling tools, the TurboWitt Rotary Sifter keeps any foriegn materials away from the milling process, providing the perfect security screen.  Foriegn materials are easily removed from the basket at the end of the sieving process.