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UltimaPro™ Single Pot Granulator & Dryer


Collette UltimaPro™ Single Pot Processors (One-Pot Processor) offer a choice of mixing, granulation and drying options integrated into one processing vessel. With our help, choose the most appropriate technique for the product.

Vacuum Dry

With the high-shear granulation technology as the basis, Single Pot Processing relies on the application of a vacuum within the bowl to dry the wet mass. This technique allows drying of pharmaceutical compounds at low temperature, and for minimal environmental exhaust through very efficient solvent recovery, even if organic solvents are used for granulation.

Gas-assisted Vacuum Dryer

The vacuum drying process can be enhanced by the addition of a small amount of gas, passing through the product during the drying phase. The gas-assisted vacuum drying (TransFlo™) technique results in shorter drying times and lower residual moisture content of the final product.

Microwave Dryer

Microwaves can be added as an additional energy source to further enhance the drying process . Because of the additional energy added to the process, microwave drying is the fastest drying technique available in Single Pot Processing. Through careful control of product temperature and forwarded and reflected microwave power, this technique is ideal for the fast processing of pharmaceutical products.

Key Characteristics

  • Flexible technology for standard wet granulation, melt granulation, pelletizing or effervescent production, combined with vacuum or microwave drying
  • Swinging bowl options during vacuum drying results in an improvement of the granule characteristics and a reduction in drying time
  • Easy and efficient cleaning (CIP)
  • Compact technology – reduce space requirement by incorporating several processing steps into one machine


  • The Single Pot process is a totally contained process
  • No transfer between process steps
  • For loading and unloading Buck® high containment split-valve technology
  • Product sampling


  • Contained production of highly active of toxic products
  • Effervescent production
  • Wet granulation using organic solvents
  • Multiple product facilities requiring fast change-over
  • ‘special’ applications (e.g. melt granulation, crystallisation onto substrates) 

Collette UltimaPro™ product range:

Development: UltimaPro™ 10/25, batches 1-9kg
Pilot Scale: UltimaPro™ 75/150, batches 10-50kg
Production Scale: UltimaPro™ 300 to 1500, batches 50-550kg