ULTRA-PACTOR® High Containment Roller Compactor


High Containment Roller Compaction

The ULTRA-PACTOR® High Containment Roller Compactor is the most technologically advanced roller compactor that Gerteis® have produced. Building upon the well proven MACRO-PACTOR® - and with output capacities from 100g up to 400kg per hour - the ULTRA-PACTOR® is designed within an ergonomic containment isolator to allow processing of very potent products where high containment is required. In accordance with high containment good practice, the ULTRA-PACTOR® roller compactor is designed for full Cleaning-In-Place, so that operator contact with hazardous products is completely avoided.

In addition to the unique Gerteis® Roller Compaction features of the MINI-PACTOR® and the MACRO-PACTOR®, the following features are fitted as standard to the ULTRA-PACTOR®

  • Containment performance of <0.1 µg/m³
  • Ergonomically designed high containment isolator for the highest operator safety
  • RTP ports for optimised operator handling
  • Push-push filter designs
  • Permanent online pressure monitoring for all seals and pressure zones
  • Fully automatic Cleaning in Place